Edinburgh Giants 4 - Glasgow Galaxy 6

Glasgow Galaxy hosted the Edinburgh Giants in the second meeting of the season on Sunday in what proved to be a closely fought game that was only decided in the final few innings.

The young right, Evaldas “Elvis” Grinys took to the mound for Galaxy, facing off versus veteran lefty, Kyle. (Apologies to Giants players as I only have first names on the scorecard).

Edinburgh Giants 5 - Edinburgh Diamond Devils 6

The Devils squared off against the Giants in the sweltering heat with two even looking line-ups we were poised for an exciting game.
The Giants struck first by taking advantage of an infield error to score the first run of the game, before Tristram pitching for the Devils struck out the last two batters to limit the damage. The Devils responded in the bottom of the inning with this time an outfield error allowing Sylvain to get on base and then score on a sac fly.

Glasgow Galaxy 7 - Edinburgh Cannons 2

Glasgow Galaxy travelled through to Edinburgh for the first time this year to take on the Cannons. With the Cannons leading the league by half a game over the Galaxy it would be a clash of the two top teams so far in the 2017 Scottish League season.

Galaxy ace, Luke Powell took the mound squaring off against Cannons’ Roger Baugh.

Galaxy got off to a quick start, with Miguel Mantecón hitting a lead off single. A walk and two fielders choices would bring two runs in for Galaxy in the top of the first.