Edinburgh Diamond Devils 23 - Granite City Oilers 1

The Devils made the long trip north to take on the Aberdeen Oilers, hoping to keep their winning run going against a team which beat them last time out. But ominously for the Oilers, the Devils had been playing well recently
In the first the Devils threatened early, loading the bases, however Sylvain then attempted to take home on a passed ball, but on an unfamiliar pitch the ball bounced straight back to the catcher and Sylvain was out by miles with the out by Miles (or out by miles squared for you maths fans).

Granite City Oilers 5 - Glasgow Galaxy 16

After a 11-1 victory in the first game the Galaxy were keen to move onto the second game of the day against the visiting Oilers. As this game was a rescehduled game from earlier in the season the Oilers were officially the home team.
A pitching change for both teams saw Scott Shannon of the Galaxy face off against Callum of the Oilers.