Edinburgh Diamond Devils 18 - Edinburgh Giants 8

With the Devils losing their first two games of the season it seemed that the kings of Scottish baseball had been toppled, sparking a 6 way scrap for supremacy. With all the teams looking evenly matched this year it was all to play for, as in a game of throws, you win or you pop fly.

Edinburgh Cannons 10 - Edinburgh Diamond Devils 9

Always a close game when we take on the Devils, this match was probably one of the most exciting one in years.  Devils scored 2 in the first after Chris Wilmott took revenge on pitcher Jason Derr by lining a ball off his knee.  Cannons were able to tie it back up in the top of the 3rd with Gilberto Martinez getting on and scoring on passed ball. New comer Dan Brown tied it up by getting on by an error and the scoring on Roger Baugh hit.


Granite City Oilers 1 - Glasgow Comets 16

The weather stayed the same for Game 2 which usually sees the rosters of both teams stretched to their limits. Comets probably would be expected to fare better in this regard with their marathon affair in their previous game versus the Oilers who had not tested the depth of their squad fully losing by way of mercy rule the previous week having played only 7 innings.

Granite City Oilers 9 - Glasgow Comets 1

A windy but sunny day in Glasgow greeted the travelling Granite City Oilers from Aberdeen to play their first game against a Glasgow side in 3 years since their hiatus from the League. They had been beaten handily the previous week and looking to get on the board against a Comets team coming fresh off a 3 week rest from their Opening Day win.

Edinburgh Giants 0 - Glasgow Galaxy 10

The Glasgow Galaxy entered today's game on a high after last weeks victory but still determined to improve on the defensive performance they put in for week one and the Giants came to play having scored a lot of runs last week but coming away with a tough loss and looking to fight back with a team including some new players.

The pitching matchup of Luke Powell against Kyle Huffey promised a lot of strikeouts and it did not disappoint. 

Luke facing the Giants for the first time settled in quickly with a 1-2-3 first inning quickly sitting down the top of the lineup.