Edinburgh Diamond Devils 8 - Glasgow Galaxy 9

Scheduled Date: 
Sunday, April 2, 2017 - 13:00
Away Team: 
Edinburgh Diamond Devils
Home Team: 
Glasgow Galaxy
Away Score: 
Home Score: 
Game write up: 

Two sides with high expectations for 2017 entered the contest at Tollcross park to open the league. The visitors, reigning champions, Edinburgh Diamond Devils came to start their title defence against a Glasgow Galaxy team wanting to start a push to topple them from the top.
Both teams started with a bit of off season rust still evident in their defensive display as both starting pitchers, Luke and Brett, traded unearned runs in the first inning. The Galaxy took a promising 3-1 lead highlighted by a two RBI single from Jim "RBI" Sehar before good base running and strong hitting from the top of the Devils order regained a 4-3 lead in the second. 

The Galaxy drew even again in the bottom half after a patient walk from Ally at the bottom of the order was brought around to score by some great at bats from the top of the lineup. 

The top of the third inning saw more offence from Edinburgh taking a 6-4 lead on some shaky defence from the Glasgow infield. 

This was the point where the pitching came alive. Brett struck out three of four hitters faced in the bottom half and Luke responded for the Galaxy with a strike out and fielding a pop up himself in a quiet top four. 
Last years ace for the Galaxy Scott Shannon took the mound in the fifth inning, and showed his ability with a 1-2-3 inning. At this point the defence and pitching managed to settle in as the devils replied in kind. 

In the sixth inning the Devils standout performer, Sylvain got his fourth hit of the day followed by his third run to get a 7-7 tie.
The Galaxy's new player manager John Tafe rose to the occasion with his second hit of the day and scored in the 7th to reclaim the lead only for the Devils to pull it back in the 8th on yet another run from the Devils lead off man, Sylvain.

Jim Sehar did not want to be out done for MVP plaudits on opening day as he knocked in his 6th run of the day on a great show of hustle in the eighth inning to take the lead for the final time today as Scott ended the day on the mound in the top of the ninth with two strikeouts to secure a first win of the season for the Glasgow Galaxy.

Overall a great contest which will surely only increase in quality as the season series continues. Everyone was glad to see baseball back in Tollcross this year and the Galaxy hope to use this to push on for a successful season!