Edinburgh Giants 0 - Glasgow Galaxy 10

Scheduled Date: 
Sunday, April 9, 2017 - 13:00
Away Team: 
Edinburgh Giants
Home Team: 
Glasgow Galaxy
Away Score: 
Home Score: 
Game write up: 

The Glasgow Galaxy entered today's game on a high after last weeks victory but still determined to improve on the defensive performance they put in for week one and the Giants came to play having scored a lot of runs last week but coming away with a tough loss and looking to fight back with a team including some new players.

The pitching matchup of Luke Powell against Kyle Huffey promised a lot of strikeouts and it did not disappoint. 

Luke facing the Giants for the first time settled in quickly with a 1-2-3 first inning quickly sitting down the top of the lineup.

The Giants got off to a poor start when a hit batter leading off the game came around to score on two consecutive errors. The Galaxy took this opportunity to pounce and RBI singles from Jim Sehar and Luis Harvey resulted in a three run lead before Kyle took matters into his own hands and produced two strikeouts to end the inning.

The second inning followed the exact same theme as Luke struck out two hitters and Mike Sweeney made a great play in centre field to deny Kyle a hit. The Galaxy continued to take advantage of defensive fragility as Albert Rodriguez and Jim Sehar scored to give Galaxy a 5-0 lead without recording a hit in the inning. 

The third inning was a pitching clinic as between them the starters had five strikeouts and a pop out to the catcher.
The fourth inning saw whispers of a no hitter for Luke disappear as the Giants catcher Adam drove a solid line drive double only to be stranded at second by Luke's ninth strikeout of the day. At this point the Galaxy bats finally came alive. Consecutive hits from A-Rod, Jim "Mr RBI"Sehar and Glasgow cup winning manager, Jason Stott gave the Galaxy an 8-0 lead which they never looked like giving up. 

Luke pitched yet another 1-2-3 inning in the 5th to finish his day after 61 pitches through five innings with 10 strikeouts and only one base runner. 

The 6th inning was where Scott Shannon took over on the mound to snuff out the Giants first attempt at a rally as a base hit and an error led to nothing when Scott induced a ground out to second to end the inning. 

With an eight run lead and the seventh inning round the corner the Galaxy bats came together to produce two more runs as Jim Sehar and Luis Harvey again produced the goods with some good base running after an infield fly managed to evade the Giants first baseman.

With ten runs on the board Scott Shannon went back to work and worked around a single from Kyle Huffey to end the game on a great catch by shortstop Albert covering a large amount of ground into shallow left field.

The game finished on the mercy rule after the 7th inning with a 10-0 lead . Performance of the day definitely goes to Luke Powell for an incredible pitching performance.

The score line may have been one sided but there are a lot of positives for both teams this early in the season and the Giants will be back to provide more great competition now that their new players have some more experience.