Granite City Oilers 5 - Glasgow Galaxy 16

Scheduled Date: 
Sunday, July 23, 2017 - 13:00
Away Team: 
Granite City Oilers
Home Team: 
Glasgow Galaxy
Away Score: 
Home Score: 
Game write up: 

After a 11-1 victory in the first game the Galaxy were keen to move onto the second game of the day against the visiting Oilers. As this game was a rescehduled game from earlier in the season the Oilers were officially the home team.
A pitching change for both teams saw Scott Shannon of the Galaxy face off against Callum of the Oilers.
First inning started off like a dream as Albert Rodriguez and Elvis walked follwed by base hits and RBIs for Jim Sehar and Luis Harvey. Jason Stott hit a deep double to knock in another run follwed by two more base hits and with a RBI double for Mike Sweeney and a RBI single for Scott Shannon. A full trip round the order put the Galaxy in high spirits as Albert and Elvis walked again, then stepped up the stand in coach to hit an inside the park grand slam. A pop up from Luis ended the inning and gave the Oilers a real mountain to climb.
Unfortunately for the Oilers hits to the second basemen, shortstop and left fielder quickly ended the inning 10-0 to the Galaxy.
As the second inning began a walk for Matt Gaffney was batted in by Mike Sweeney to be the Galaxy's only score of the second. While the Oilers were unable to close the gap on the tight second inning. 11-0
Albert made first on an error to start off the third follwed by walks to Elvis and Jim before being batted in by Luis but some sloppy baserunning limited the Galaxy's scoring to one this inning. Singles to Lass, Miles and David of the Oilers were batted in by coach Stephen after a big double but a great catch from left fielder Ally Hay prevented any furthee scoring. 12-3
Between the third and forth innings saw some tension between the coaches as the Galaxy realised that the Oilers Designated Hitter was in fact a tenth hitter which was not discussed with the umpire or the Galaxy coach prior to the game. As tensions started to flair both teams decided to continue but neither coach appeared happy.
The forth began with a 1-2-3 of outs to the Galaxy but despite contact being made by the first three Oilers hitters the score did not advance. 12-3
A pitching change for the Oilers brought in Nick to replace Callum as the fifth was another quiet inning with a walk, fielders choice and a base hit leading to nothing for the Galaxy. The Oilers faired a little better with a walk to Miles before being batted in by David before the end of the inning. 12-4
With the pre agreed time limit to the game drawing close the Galaxy were looking to close out the game in style. A single by Luis, followed by a walk to Ally Hay and an error by the Oiler second basemen allowed Jason West to load the bases. Mike Sweeney walked in Luis as Luke Powell hit beautiful shot over the fence which raised a few more blood pressures as the umpire changed his call from a Home Run to a ground rule double to bring home Ally and Jason. A sacrifice fly from Albert brought in Mike Sweeney for the Galaxy's final run of the game. Albert came in to close out the game for the Galaxy as Stephen quickly singled to start off the bottom half of the final inning. But an RBI from Brennan wasnt enough to launch a comeback for the Oilers.
Final score 16-5